Our Heritage

Our Heritage

"In the fourth decade of 19th century, before the birth of this Noble nation, a man was way ahead of his time in a dusty village among full of tenants.

He was hope. He was shine.

In the gloomy weather he was the rainbow of many eyes. He owned great piece of land and gained respect as a moneylender. He was reluctant in experimentation. He tried to fly like cotton seeds and saw saplings of textile in those seeds.

He was the man of presence, who reached every closed doors and made his presence as a vestige of time.

He went through every corners wherever business holds his hope. His longing for commerce founded conviction of Business and an idea was born and travelled with that legend to RABLtaOJ.

He left his body very soon and kept his story alive that still echoed in that dusty village.

A century has passed and still people exemplify you like a reformer in their fables. We miss you and pay tribute to your excellency. We still firmly believe wherever you are your legend will be guiding us to build better future for mankind."